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New contract in renewables

Excavaciones Pastor, S.A. has been awarded works within the Thermosolar Plant at Solaben I in Caceres.

The Joint Venture between ABENER & TEYMA has awarded Excavaciones Pastor, S.A. the execution works for the Perimetric road path and final solar field levelling at SOLABEN – I Thermosolar Plant the J.V. is building for Grupo ABENGOA, in the province of Caceres (SPAIN). The works consists of 967.000 m2 esplanade levelling, 301,000 m2 of supply and laying of geotextile, 47.200 m3 of capping layer supply and laying, and 232.000 m3 of final levelling. The net contract value is of 1,395,000 €. With this award, Excavaciones Pastor, S.A. will complete the whole process of the Earthwork part of this plant.


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