EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. has prioritised concerning human resources in recognition that both the Technical / Administrative and Production staff relationship factor is fundamental.

As a result of the specialisation  to suit the activities developed by our company, staff require specific training in handling plant, geographic mobility according to the needs of each work, progressive training focusing on quality and safety standards and harmonisation to the rate of work and production of the Company.

For this reason EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A., responsibly maintains its commitment to train new employees, thus keeping the production process that  provides the company with excellent results.

Likewise, with  the technical and administrative staff , EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. recognises the on-going process of innovation regarding IT, management, processes or legislation. This is achieved by a process of continuous training, courses, lectures, etc.

EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. maintains a database of skilled personnel for possible incorporation, of which 90% already have passed tests with our plant being under the supervision of our management team. This database is subject to the Data Protection Law.

The technical staff of EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. is focused on complying with:

Tender bids.

Optimising works.

Programming and Works control

Plant equipment improvement programme (GPS, surveying equipment, etc.).

Measuring works units

For this purpose, EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. has qualified and experienced personnel in the Departments of Tendering, Site production, Surveying and Administration.

EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. assumes and recognises that the personnel dedicated directly to  production (operators or conductors) and indirectly (Site engineers, agents, and foremen) are e essential for the Company’s success.

These professionals will execute works, relying upon  their experience when operating the plant, demonstrating our level of capacity and  responsibility in our sector.

We set up on every site our own maintenance yard with all the  auxiliary  equipment that our technicians require to reduce the period of repair and keep the site autonomous of external support, which is appreciated by  our clients.

Similarly, each site is equipped adequately to store fuels, respecting environmental issues and Health & Safety regulations,  our activity is registered in the public administrations  maintaining standards throughout the project.

All these  aspects make EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. a self-sufficient and agile company.

As from January 2006 EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. has its own rock-blasting company integrated into the group. Initially, EMVEX PROYECTOSY OBRAS, S.L. worked exclusively on the contracts awarded to EXPA for  drilling and rock-blasting tasks.

EMVEX currently has drilling equipment and experienced  Mine Engineers trained to carry out projects, execute, programme and control the execution of works as well as the study and design. It also maintains  accredited artillery staff, drillers and labourers.

EXPA provides special transport trailers for heavy plant to meet its own needs as well as providing services to others.  We specialise in road transportation of construction equipment  including abnormal loads. We possess transport permits covering almost the entire country.

The fleet consists of a wide variety of transport plant, with various configurations to suit every load perfectly.

Should you require our services please contact Mr. José Manuel Vilar Guerrero, Equipment Manager – (+34) 666 44 27 01.