30 years experience

The technical equipment has EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. It is aimed at carrying out a methodology and implementation of phases comprising:

Economic Survey of deals
Study for optimization tasks.
Planning and control of the execution of works.
Planning and retooling (optimized utilization of these)
Planning and renewal of measuring equipment (GPS, etc. stations)
Taking measurements of work units contracted
For this EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. It has qualified and experienced staff in the departments of Education, Head of Works, Surveying and administration.

Heavy transport

We have our own special equipment transport machinery of various measures and tonnages that make EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. have the necessary autonomy to unforeseen changes in production and mechanical machinery.

All this, coupled with a specialized in conducting these and administration specializing in permit applications staff make special transportation equipment do one of the most important functions within the whole enterprise productive.

  • Irrigation & Supply
  • Dumpers and dump trucks
  • Drill
  • Removal
  • Compaction
  • Leveling
  • Transport Trucks
  • Special Transport
  • Auxiliar Equipment