25 años dedicados responsablemente a la ejecución de movimiento de tierra


EXCAVACIONES PASTOR SA with an experience of over 25 years in the making and execution of large earthworks, makes use of all available means at its disposal to meet the requirements and demands of their customers, to achieve full satisfaction for job well done, respecting the environment and ensuring the health and welfare of all employees and third parties who can stay in their facilities or workplaces.
For this reason, it has determined the following commitments in its management policy:

• Satisfy the requirements of customers through continuous improvement of the management and performance in Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work.
• Compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements established related to Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work.
• Provide the framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives, Occupational and Environmental Prevention.
• Pollution prevention and minimization of the impact on the environment.
• Preventing damage and deterioration of health in people and goods.
• Documenting, implement and update the management policy periodically.
• Communicate it and make it available to all members of the company, people who work on our behalf and the rest of society, encouraging the participation of all, with the idea of becoming synonymous with excellence.
• The Directorate of EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, SA, will ensure that the responsibilities and authorities regarding Quality Management, Healthcare service, and Environment are defined, communicated and known by the staff of the company.

Aware that people are the most important value of our organization and guarantee our future, EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. assumes the following principles:

• Integrating preventive action in all activities of the company.
• Develop human potential through appropriate information and training.
• To promote the initiative and participation of workers and collaborators.
• Encourage the development and implementation of innovations and improvements.
• Maintain a comprehensive monitoring our machinery and equipment, ensuring correct operation at all times
Our commitment can only be achieved with the cooperation and participation of all in the application of these principles.

The direction
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