25 años dedicados responsablemente a la ejecución de movimiento de tierra

EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. has been an enterprising and dynamic company since its foundation in 1980. Aware of the special features of each project, it maintains very high quality expectations reflected in our daily output and efficient staff. This is why EXCAVACIONES PASTOR only uses the highest technology as well as the best and most suitable plant for each particular case. Our highly qualified technical and management staff pursue one main objective:

Optimisation of Efficiency, Safety and Care of the Environment while implementing on each of our sites.

01. Mission

Our mission in the field of large earthworks within  civil engineering  projects  is  to provide full satisfaction  to the Board of Directors of the company.

This was achieved following an  integration scheme into the sector, consisting of:

  • First:  Gain entry into the sector, taking advantage of the expansion of civil engineering infrastructure projects in our country that started nationwide in 1988 till 1991. To  prepare for global events such as the Universal Exhibition (Expo 92) in Seville and the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, which entailed a series of urgent measures to prepare the  sites of the venues  as well as  the accesses.
  • Second: Consolidate ourselves as an earthworks company in the industry. An important investment effort in plant and qualified staff was required to  expand our services offered.
  • Third: Achieve full customer satisfaction,   by ensuring client confidence  in the satisfactory completion of all work by providing a continuous coordination on site with our technical team.
  • Fourth: Provide continuous updating in technology and resources to be positioned at the forefront  of earthworks companies in our country.
  • Fifth: Create auxiliary companies which are today specialised in  complementary roles  to the primary  group: EMVEX, S.A. for drilling and rock-blasting; Talleres y Mecanizados, S.L. for mechanical repairs and INFRACIVIL, S.L. for surveying.

EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A., is satisfied with the business mission that it laid down,  having fully achieved its primary objectives.

02. Values

Considering the fact it has been permanently a family-run business, we form a solid group whose main values are:

  • Responsibility: React in every circumstance to provide a sound and rapid solution to provide the best outcome on-site.
  • A self-demanding attitude: Our activity is based on reliability and rigour.
  • Respect towards the environment:We are strongly committed with all aspects concerning the environment.
  • Entrepreneurs:The dream from which this enterprise rose to our days is the driving force to innovate and become pioneers in research, development and innovation.
  • New challenges: Due to the great experience acquired so far, to our state-of-the-art plant and equipment, and to our highly qualified staff, EXCAVACIONES PASTOR does not encounter new challenges which cannot be successfully dealt with, in Spain or abroad.

All these values help EXCAVACIONES PASTOR enjoy its well-renowned business reliability.

03. Objectives

The purpose of  integrating the group of companies engaged in major earthwork projects is very important so that the Clients shall recognise  EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. a key partner  to efficiently carry out such works; and to be considered as a sound company due to its technical staff capabilities and plant capacity.

The main objective of EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A., is that our Clients add to the three points mentioned above the word “satisfaction”.

Meeting the needs of the Client’s Quality requirements, commitment in delivery and full collaboration during the execution of the Works is our goal of each project, on each site and for each client


The headquarters of EXCAVACIONES PASTOR S.A., are located in a strategic  location to any of the key development  occurring in southern Spain.  Also nearby airports of Malaga and Granada allow us   convenient access to our customers regardless of their location globally.

We have a working surface of 739,42 M2availabel, well equipped with all technical applications to offer our customers the best support for the successful  execution  of our contracts.



The main facility and maintenance yard of EXCAVACIONES PASTOR S.A., is located 2km from the main office with easy access.



EXCAVACIONES PASTOR, S.A. It has determined the Human Resources its top priority, recognizing that both in the technical field – the Administrative and Production, employment factor is fundamental.


With a total area of 12,800 m2, of which 3,088 m2 are covered industrial facility from a height of 13.95 m., The remaining 9,700.00 m2 up an esplanade paved for parking machinery. Along with this it has another 3,477 m2 campaign for the needs that may arise.

Technical facilities

Based in Granada Chauchina

The offices are equipped with all technical facilities to offer our customers the best support for the success of our contracts and consist of an area of 740 M2

exterior 01


As a result of specialization

The staff requires expertise in handling machinery, geographical mobility according to the needs of each work, continuing education due to the progression of quality and safety standards and adaptation to work and production systems of the Company.